•  Know what to expect by educating yourself about the condition of your future home
•  CSHI inspectors are professionals with the practical experience and technical knowledge to assess the condition of your home
•  CSHI‘s goal is to provide you with an unbiased opinion of the visible and accessible areas of the house at the time of inspection



•  Increase your home’s marketability with an impartial pre-listing inspection report
•  Set a realistic selling price for your home based on the report
•  Identify and correct problems early by making necessary repairs prior to listing your home
•  Eliminate last minute delays because a price has been negotiated with full disclosure (a reneged property cannot be re-listed for 30 days)
•  CSHI will update your report with any corrections so that it can be accurately listed on your broker’s website

Newly Constructed Homes 

•  For peace of mind, always have new construction inspected before settlement. At CSHI, we advise that new is not the same thing as error-free
•  New Jersey insures that builders guarantee workmanship and materials in new homes, through the state-sponsored New Home Warranty Plan. Site work, masonry, carpentry, wood, windows and other features of the home are warrantied against defects for ten years