american-houseCSHI offers much more than a report

Every CSHI report is customized with specific, detailed information about your new home, including:

•  A summary of our findings
•  Pre-settlement inspection instructions and checklist
•  Maintenance information
•  Safety and energy saving suggestions
•  Life expectancies

Our inspection not only identifies problems, it offers viable solutions. All of our inspections are performed in accordance with the standards and practices of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the global authority on home inspections. Every inspection includes an evaluation of visible and accessible features of a home, including:

•  Central heating system
•  Central cooling system
•  Interior electrical system
•  Roof
•  Walls, ceilings, floors
•  Windows and doors
•  Foundation, basement, crawl space and slab structures
•  Subsurface water penetration
•  Insulation
•  Exterior siding
•  Energy Audits

Click here to download a sample pre-inspection agreement: DOWNLOAD PDF